Comprehensive Video Production Services for any Occasion

I offer a wide range of video production services to cater to your unique needs. Wheter you need help with scripting, directing, filming, editing or post-production, I’ve got you covered.
Icon Scripting


Crafting storytelling that resonates, transforming ideas to compelling stories.

Icon Directing


My directing service ensures each frame is a deliberate choice, bringing your narrative to life.

Icon Filming


I capture the essence of your story with precision and artistry, translating concepts into breathtaking visuals.

Icon PostProduction


I refine every detail of your videos with dynamic visuals and high-end motion design.

Defining Features:

Holistic Approach

From initial concept to final editing – your projects are in experienced hands.

Technological Versatility

Utilizing cutting-edge technologies and AI-supported tools for outstanding results.

Soft Skills & Empathy

A blend of technical expertise and empathetic storytelling.

Network of Professionals

For complex projects, I leverage a proven network of skilled professionals.

Focus on
Short Formats

Specializing in trailers, spots, and short documentaries for concise and impactful messages.

Experience with Renowned Companies

Years of employment at The History Channel Germany and Red Bull Media House ensure professionalism.

Interest in Modern Themes and Technologies

Always at the forefront for innovative and contemporary productions.

Customer-Centric and Cost-Conscious

Your satisfaction and efficient cost-effectiveness are my priorities.

Customized Service Packages Available

Not in need of the whole package, just a single service or more? I am here to assist.