Nicolas von Hänisch Videoproducer Filmproduktion Film Video

Director & Creative Producer

Visual storytelling and creative collaboration are my passions.

With a keen sense of empathy, I perceive the individual in front of the camera not merely as protagonists or interviewees but as unique storytellers. In my directional work, I create an atmosphere that allows capturing their emotions in an authentic and tangible matter.
Two decades of experience, including significant work with Red Bull and The History Channel, define a long history in producing audiovisual content. This encompasses over 1.000 advertising concepts, hundreds of editing projects, and overseeing numerous other productions.

The Network

Embarking on every project with a collaborative spirit, I pride myself on not only delivering exceptional individual services but also tapping into a vast web of outstanding contacts.

This expansive array allows me to bring together a team of skilled professionals, ensuring that each aspect of your project receives the expertise and attention it deserves.

These connections span the entire spectrum of film production, guaranteeing a comprehensive ensemble of expertise tailored to your unique needs.